Appium Desktop VS Appium Studio

There is lots of confusion when dealing with Appium Desktop and Appium studio.

From a Mobile Automation engineer  prespective, both the tools should make the work of enginner easier by

  1. Making connection with device
  2. Identifying elements
  3. Generating Scripts for quick automation

I have been using Appium Desktop from a long time and i am aware of its  short comings , so when i came to know about appium studio , i was happy to explore it.

So i will try to compare both the tools based on my above criteria


Making connection with device

Appium Desktop

In Appium desktop , you need to provide these values manually , also the feature of adding/editing capabilties contains some bugs in Appium .



Appium Studio 

Unlike Appium desktop,where you need to add Desired Capabilities to start communication with device, Appium studio is just plug in and play kind of tool.

you can just simply plug in your device and do some clicks ,and you are good to go!!


In making connections , Appium studio is much easier to use.


Identifying elements is one of the main tasks in mobile automation , i just tried with both of them and here is my observation


Appium Desktop in many cases is not able to provide exact  Xpath. for example in below screenshot , i just wanted to inspect highlighted element.

But as you can see that , its not providing the exact path.



Appium studio

Inspecting the same element using Appium studio is quite easy , Thanks to Object spy


As you can see that , Start chat button is identified easily by Appium Studio

seems quite easy! yes it is!!


The only catch is that xpath generated  by APPIUM studio are not recognised outside Appium studio environement.

So the scripts could fail with error ‘ Locator not found’

I am not sure what is the reason behind it , but if i have to rely on Xpath , then i will use the Xpath obtained from APPIUM DESKTOP , if they are avaialable !!


Generating Scripts for quick automation


Appium Studio:

Generating scripts in appium studio is very easy ,Click on start recording and perform action on your device


Code will get generated in your preferred language as shown below



Appium Desktop

Appium desktop does not generate such a detailed test suite file, however it does provide recording option and an experienced enginner can use that functionality in the code.




    1. if you are looking for quick development , then you should go to Appium studio, but just remember few things
      1. Appium studio is licensed:
        1. Appium studio only allows 2 devices to be used , so anything beyond that, you need to purchase license
      2. You still need Good Automation professionals to do the job
        1. Recording and generating scripts could be a great help, but you still need professionals to do the job, as many times you will need some modifications in generated script.
    2. Appium Desktop is open sourced , and need experienced engineers to find the right APIS and Xpath to do the job . so if you have some time to explore with low cost , you can go for Appium Desktop.
  2. Maintenanance

    1. In long run , it would be easier to maintain the test cases in Appium Studio as they provide support


I am still investigating and comparing both the tools , will keep this blog updated .


Here is link to download

Appium Desktop

Appium Studio





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